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These are the heroes of the animated Batman world.
BTAS - Batman: The Animated Series
TNBA - The New Batman Adventures
BB - Batman Beyond
TB - The Batman
TBATB - The Brave and The Bold

BTAS, TNBA, BB, TB, TB ("Artifacts")

Barbara Gordon
Voiced by Melissa Gilbert (BTAS), Tara Charendoff (TNBA), Tara Strong (Return of the Joker), Danielle Judovits (TB), Kellie Martin as Oracle (TB), Mae Whitman (TBATB)
As Commissioner Gordon: Stockard Channing & Angie Harmon (BB)

The daughter of Commissioner Gordon, Barbara graduated from Gotham State University with honors in the field of computer science. By day she works for the police department updating their crime files, by night she battles the underworld as Batgirl.



Batman Beyond Bio (Barbara Gordon)


Barbara Gordon may no longer be the costumed Batgirl, but she is still active in the fight against crime. Taking over her father's old job, Barbara is now the police commissioner of Gotham city. Though white-haired and in her early sixties, Gordon is still a smart, tough-as-nails cop who you don't want to mess with.


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The Batman Bio


The daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara was an olympic hopeful gymnast who decided to become Batgirl from the moment she saw the Batman in person. Although not accepted at first, the Batman eventually brought her into the fold and Barbara is now part of the team. Though she may be barley old enough to drive, that doesn't stop her from going head to head with some of the toughest criminals Gotham has to offer.


BTAS, TNBA, BB (Terry McGinnis), TB, BB

Bruce Wayne
Voiced by Kevin Conroy (BTAS, TNBA, BB), Rino Romano (TB), Diedrich Bader (TBATB)
Terry McGinnis
Voiced by Will Friedle (BB)

Two terrible moments forever changed the life of Bruce Wayne. The first came at age six, when he roamed the far grounds of Gotham Citys Wayne Manor and fell into a deep cavern swarming with bats. Though his father soon rescued him, Bruce never again felt completely secure in his world. The second came two years later, in the alleyway behind a movie theater in which the Waynes had just seen "The Mark of Zorro." There, before Bruce's very eyes, a mugger shot Thomas and Martha Wayne in cold blood before fleeing into the night.

Though the police eventually arrived, they were far too late to help the Waynes; but physician and social worker Leslie Thompkins arrived in time to bring loving comfort to Bruce before his young heart was forever hardened by his trauma. Together with Philip Wayne, Bruce's uncle and legal guardian, and Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne family butler, Thompkins gave guidance to Bruce as he passed through his teens. But none of them could erase from Bruce the burning passion to punish all criminals, an oath he avowed at his parents' grave site. To that end, Bruce grew up training himself to the peak of physical and intellectual perfection and, at age eighteen, began using his vast fortune to travel the world in search of those who could teach him to fight crime effectively.

Years later, Bruce returned to Gotham City and began his war on crime. Before long, he came to realize that his skills were not enough, that he would need an edge over his opponents -- a guise that would strike terror into their hearts. Inspired by the bats that had so horrified him as a boy, Bruce donned a blue-and-gray costume complete with cape and cowl and renewed his mission. The results were immediate: soon, the criminals of Gotham began speaking in fearful whispers about the creature known only as the Batman.

Batman Beyond Bio (Bruce Wayne)

Bruce Wayne is now an old man. Over eighty, he has lost everything important to him. He was forced to give up the mantle of Batman when health problems during a fight led him to rely on a gun. His company was bought out by the corrupt Derek Powers. Bruce now lives alone in his mansion with only a guard dog for company. But then along comes Terry McGinnis, a young man wishing to take over as Batman. At first Wayne refuses, but eventually he sees that Gotham does need a protecter. Now Wayne assists Terry in his fight. With his experience and state-of-the-art computer, he gives Terry the edge that the unexperinced hero needs to keep the dream of Batman alive.

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Batman Beyond Bio (Terry McGinnis)

Terry was a normal 17 year old high school senior. He lived with his father (his parents are divorced), was on the wresling team at school, and had a girlfriend, Dana.

However, his life soon began to spin out of control. After trying to escape some of the members of the Jokerz, a gang, he met a strange old man, Bruce Wayne. He discovered that Wayne was once the infamous Batman, long since retired. Not long afterwards, his father was killed for having discovered the secret plans of his boss, the ruthless Derek Powers. Terry desperatly wanted to avenge his father's death. Someone needed to stop Powers' dangerous new biological weapon. Gotham city needed a new hero. Hence, a new Batman was born.

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The Batman Bio

Only in his third year, pre-"Bat Signal," The Batman currently operates as a vigilante. Under the cape and cowl can be found a younger Bruce Wayne in his 20s. The media is more likely to catch him courtside at a Gotham Gators game or strapping on a helmet to drive his own racecar for a charity than in front of City Hall cutting a ribbon. But don't confuse the swinging bachelor persona for the real Bruce -- he's intense, driven and completely focused on his life's mission to serve as the Dark Knight. Aided by technology he's secretly developed -- including the operating system known as the Bat-Wave -- and driven by the childhood memory of the loss of his parents, Batman takes to the streets in order to bring Gotham's new breed of super villains to justice.


Ethan Bennett
Voiced by Steve Harris (TB)
If Bruce Wayne could call anyone his best friend, Ethan Bennett is it. They've been friends since high school. Whereas his partner, Detective Ellen Yin, sees things in black and white, Ethan sees the grey in most everything -- and is more willing to allow The Batman to co-exist with the Gotham P.D. In fact, he often finds himself pondering if this caped vigilante he is chasing is actually helping the city.


Harvey Bullock
Voiced by Robert Costanzo (BTAS, TNBA)
Bullock is a long time detective on the Gotham Police Force. Fat, unshaven, poorly dressed, and always chewing on an old toothpick, Bullock is hardly the poster boy for a good cop. He's always thought to be on the take because of his questionable methods, yet Bullock is one of Gotham's finest. He enforces the law his own way, often being pulled off cases or suspended for his actions. Bullock has his own methods and style, but he stands by and believes in the law. Often accusing Batman of working on the wrong side of the law, Bullock has been against the idea of Batman since he first appeared in Gotham. Strangely enough, there have been occasions when Bullock and Batman have worked together, and even times when Bullock has called upon Batman personally for assistance. Bullock is certainly one of the most interesting characters in Gotham City.


The Creeper
Jack Ryder
Voiced by Jeff Bennett (TNBA)
Once he was simply Jack Ryder, the no-nonsense co-anchor of Summer Gleeson's "Gotham Insider." But the staid newsman's life was changed forever after an encounter with the Joker and his lethal laughing toxin. Though the wild imbalance of chemicals had caused a permanent change in Ryder's body, Batman devised a specially treated skin patch that, when worn, keeps the Creeper subdued. But when there's extreme danger, Ryder can remove the patch and let the zany, always unpredictable Creeper out to join the fight.


Ethrigan The Demon
Jason Blood
Voiced by Billy Zane (TNBA), Dee Bradley Baker (TBATB)
World-famous paranormalist Jason Blood carries a terrible secret inside him. Centuries before, his life force was mystically fused to Etrigan, one of the vilest demons in Perdition. The link with Etrigan gave Blood eternal life and a powerful but uncontrollable spirit which he could call upon in times of need. When Blood recites the mystic chant, "Gone, gone, form of man, arise the demon, Etrigan!" he vanishes and Etrigan appears in his place.
Though he has thus far always fought on the side of right, the Demon is the ultimate loose cannon. His near-complete mastery of the occult gives him great power, but calling on that power, even for good, is akin to making a deal with the devil himself. Batman will only seek out Jason Blood's (and the Demon's) help in a situation of dire need, when a confrontation with great supernatural forces is inevitable.


Max Gibson
Voiced by Cree Summer (BB)
Max, a friend of Terry's from school, is a brilliant student and in position for valedictorian. When she comes under the attack of another student and is subsequently saved by Batman, she discovers Terry's identity. Predictably, Max wants in on the action, somthing that both Terry and Bruce are very against. However, circumstances work against them, and Max slowly becomes more involved in helping Batman.


Commissioner James Gordon
Voiced by Bob Hastings (BTAS, TNBA), Mitch Peliggi (TB)
Batman trusts and confides in James Gordon. The Gotham PD is crawling with crooked men. Gordon is an honored police officer and father of Barbara Gordon. Through devotion and remaining an honest cop among mass corruption, Gordon rose through the ranks to Lieutenant, and ultimately to Commissioner. Even though Gordon does not know the identity of the man under the mask, Batman and James Gordon share a special friendship. Their secret meeting places to discuss strategies and criminals have become a mainstay in their relationship. Although Gotham City embraces Batman, Gordon is still chastised for relying on the Dark Knight over those with the legal authority in Gotham; but Gordon wouldn't have it any other way.


Mayor Marion Grange
Voiced by Adam West (TB)
Grange, the mayor of Gotham, is a close friend of the Wayne family. A shrewd politician, he nonetheless buys into the irresponsible bachelor image Bruce cultivates, creating some grief for the young billionaire.


Renee Montoya
Voiced by Ingrid Oliu (BTAS) & Liane Schirmer (BTAS, TNBA)
One of the most respected officers on the police force, Montoya remains one of Batman's links to the Gotham City Police Department. Much to her dismay, she is often partnered with Bullock. Fearless and tough minded, Montoya doesn't back down from anyone, whether it be a lowly street thug or a super criminal like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Montoya was given a promotion by Commissioner Gordon from officer on the beat, to a full-fledged detective.

TNAB, TB ("Artifacts")

Dick Grayson
Voiced by Loren Lester (TNBA), Jerry O'Connell (TB "Artifacts"), Crawford Wilson (TBATB)
After college Dick Grayson left Gotham to travel the world on his own, much like Bruce Wayne did in the years before he became Batman. While living abroad, Dick studied many different crime fighting techniques and re-examined his feelings about taking up the role of Robin again when he returned to Gotham. He eventually realized he had outgrown the role of Batman's trusted kid sidekick Robin, and set about developing a new heroic identity all his own.


Alfred Pennyworth
Voiced by Clive Revill (BTAS) & Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (BTAS, TNBA), Alastair Duncan (TB), James Garrett (TBATB)
Butler to the Wayne family, Alfred Pennyworth has known Bruce Wayne most of his life. After the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Alfred became a second father to Bruce and is one of the few who are privy to the secrets contained beneath Wayne Manor. In addition to his duties as Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred also maintains the care and upkeep of both Wayne Manor and the Batcave. Alfred was once an agent for the British Secret Service before joining the Wayne household and is an expert mechanic. Although he openly voices his opinion about his employer's nocturnal activities, he also believes that their cause is a just one.


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The Batman bio:


Within the confines of his role as butler to the Wayne estate, Alfred raised Bruce and, on occasion, continues to provide him with veiled wisdom. Like The Batman, Alfred is younger, in his early 50s, and more physically robust, yet not quite the unflappable Alfred of usual Batman lore. The cape and cowl are new enough that Alfred is still growing accustomed to them. Thus, we witness his genuine concern for Bruce's safety when Bruce goes up against the likes of Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze and the will of the Rogues Gallery.


Dick Grayson
Voiced by Loren Lester (BTAS), Evan Sabara (TB), Crawford Wilson (TBATB)
Tim Drake
Voiced by Mathew Valencia (TNBA), Dean Stockwell as old Tim Drake (Return of the Joker)

As part of the traveling circus's high wire act "The Flying Graysons," Dick Grayson witnessed his parents' death while they performed at the Haley Circus. A two bit extortionist, Tony Zucco, cut the wire to gain kickbacks from the circus owner. Bruce Wayne, who was in the audience, felt an instant connection to the boy and took him in.

Shortly thereafter, Grayson became the ward of Bruce Wayne. Wayne provided him with a home, solid financial support and taught him new skills, adding to his tremendous gymnastic abilites. Eventually, Bruce Wayne allowed Grayson access to his most private world as his partner, Robin.


Dick Grayson attended Gotham State University causing him to spend less time as his alter ego. But thanks to semester breaks, Dick returned to Wayne Manor where he doned his famed red and green costume whenever the need arose.


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Robin is now Tim Drake, a thirteen year-old street kid adopted by Bruce Wayne. Tim's real father was a small-time hood (Stephen "Shifty" Drake) who stole money from Two-Face and then skipped town to escape the villain's wrath. Abandoned by his callous parent, Tim was forced to live on his own. A great admirer of Batman and Robin, Tim tried to act as brave and tough as his heroes, and successfully eluded Two-Face's year-long efforts to capture him and force him to reveal his father's whereabouts. Eventually Two-Face did catch Tim, only to later receive word through the underworld that Drake Sr. had fatally run afoul of gangsters in Central City. Furious, Two-Face ordered his men to kill Tim, but Batman caught up with the villain and rescued the boy. Admiring Tim's courage and fighting skills, Batman took him under his wing and a new Robin was born.

Owing to his years of parental neglect, Tim has grown up very "street" with a tough exterior and a chip on his shoulder. His new life as Bruce Wayne's ward has softened him a little, but he's still all sass and attitude when he goes into action as Robin. Much greener than Dick Grayson was at his age, Tim sometimes bites off more than he can chew when he rushes into danger. To a degree Tim feels he has to "earn his place" at Batman's side and he wants to prove he's all the hero the old Robin was and then some.

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Chief Angel Rojas
Voiced by Edward James Olmos & Jesse Corti (TB)
For Chief Rojas, The Batman is nothing less than a black eye to his police force. Believing there is no room for vigilante justice in Gotham, Rojas has made capturing the Dark Knight a top priority.


Dr. Leslie Thompkins
Voiced by Diana Muldaur (BTAS)
Leslie Thompkins was a doctor who went to medical school with Thomas Wayne. She operated a free clinic for the poor called Thomas Wayne Memorial Clinic located in Crim Alley, in memory of her late friend. Dr. Thompkins was one of the few people who knew Bruce Wayne's secret identity and like Alfred Pennyworth, she had known Bruce for most of his life. 


Ellen Yin
Voiced by Ming-Na (TB)
Detective Ellen Yin is as physically adept as any male cop she knows. Ellen may be new to the Gotham beat, but she's no rookie. Previously head of her department in Metropolis, she transferred to Gotham looking for new challenges. Shešs a career cop at the top of her game, true blue and by the book. Not warming to Bruce Wayne so easily, Ellen doesn't have it out personally for The Batman. It's simply cut-and-dried. As a vigilante, he's breaking the law. Not seeing past his swinging billionaire persona, she despises his seemingly silver-spoon arrogance.


Sam Young
Voiced by Paul Winfield (BB)
The District Attorney of Gotham, Sam Young is married to Commissioner Barabra Gordon. Young is very devoted to his wife, but it is obvious that being a law official in Gotham is no easy task. Not that it ever was...


Voiced by Julie Brown (BTAS), Jennifer Hale (TBATB) 
Zatanna was a magician and stage performer as well as a long time friend of Bruce Wayne's.

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