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Episode Guide (JL)

These are the villains of the Batman animated world.
BTAS - Batman: The Animated Series
TNBA - The New Batman Adventures
BB - Batman Beyond
TB - The Batman
TBATB - The Brave and the Bold


Jim Tate
Voiced by Dorian Harewood (BB)
Jim Tate was a highly successful weapons engineer until he was fired. The pressure to provide for his family compelled Jim to commit robberies, and thus become "The Human Armory."


Mary Dahl
Voiced by Alison LaPlaca (BTAS), Laraine Newman (TNBA)
Baby-Doll was an ex-actress turned supervillainess.


Voiced by Henry Silva (BTAS, TNBA), Joaquim de Almeida & Ron Perlman (TB), Michael Dorn (TBATB)
Bane was a chemically-boosted assassin from South America once hired by Rupert Thorne to kill Batman.
The Batman Bio
Bane was a regular criminal that, when enhanced by his Venom, became a major fighting force.


Big Time
Charles Bigelow
Voiced by Stephen Baldwin & Clancy Brown (BB)
Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow was a loudmouth hoodlum who got involved with the wrong crowd, and ended up becoming a mutated powerhouse.


Black Mask
Voiced by James Remar (TB), John DiMaggio (TBATB)
Black Mask was a mob boss in Gotham City.


Thomas Blake
Voiced by Scott Cleverdon (TNBA)
Thomas Blake was the leader of a cat cult.


Derek Powers
Voiced by Sherman Howard (BB)
Derek Powers was a corrupt businessman turned supervillain when he suffered an accident that left him in a horrific state, glowing with radioactive energy. From that day forward, he was Blight.


The Boss
"The Boss" was a gangster in Gotham City.


Boss Biggis
Voiced by George Murdock (BTAS)
Boss Biggis was an extremely overweight enslaver in the desert outside Gotham City.


Farmer Brown

Enoch Brown

Voiced by Peter Breck (TNBA)


Farmer Brown was a microbiologist turned super-villain.


Full Bio


Calendar Girl
Paige Monroe
Voiced Sela Ward (TNBA)
Calendar Girl was the criminal moniker of Paige Monroe, a former famous fashion model and spokeswoman until she was dropped for a more youthful group of models. Now she is out for revenge on the companies who scorned her. She is always accompanied by her moles, "The Pin-Up Boys" - Biff, Spike, and Rock.


Selina Kyle
Voiced by Adrienne Barbeau (BTAS, TNBA), Gina Gershon (TB), Nika Futterman (TBATB)
Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, was a morally ambiguous thief whose plans were continually foiled by Batman. Although she was a thief at heart, she was also a vocal animal rights activist, sometimes using her costumed persona to investigate and thwart companies violating animal rights.
The Batman Bio
Catwoman was a cat burglar in every sense of the word. Her heists always revolved around cat related objects.

BTAS, TNBA, TB, TB (Clayface II)

Matt Hagen; Ethan Bennett; Basil Karlo
Voiced by Ron Perlman (BTAS, TNBA), Steve Harris, Wallace Langham & Lex Lang (TB)
Matt Hagen was a noted actor who became the villain Clayface after over-exposure to Renuyu at the hands of Roland Daggett.
The Batman Bio
Ethan Bennett was the first Clayface. While he was still a detective, he was captured by the Joker and exposed to Joker putty gas. The exposure mutated his cells and gave Bennett the ability to transform as if he was made of clay and Clayface was born. Bennett fought with his demons and tried multiple times to return to the light, but ultimatley fell back to the dark side. He was treated by an antidote created by Wayne Industries and was cured, but not before assisting the Batman and Robin in taking down Clayface II.
Basil Karlo was the second Clayface. After failing to get an acting part due to his less than desirable looks, he broke into Wayne Industries and stole the clayface mutagen. Driven by a desire to be famous, he took the mutagen and transformed into Clayface II.


The Clock King
Temple Fugate
Voiced by Alan Rachins (BTAS), Dee Bradley Baker (TBATB)
A professional efficiency expert, Temple Fugate was advised to deviate from his schedule for once in his life by future Gotham mayor, Hamilton Hill, only to have an unfortunate accident delay his arrival to an important court date and cause his financial ruin. Swearing revenge because he believed Hill had done it on purpose, Fugate returned years later to cause havoc.


Arthur Brown
Voiced by Glen Shadix (TB)
A disgruntled loser from the children’s game show “Think, Thank, Thunk”, Arthur Brown drowned his sorrows in his consolation prize (a lifetime supply of “Kremelos”) and soon became a morbidly obese mastermind. Dubbing himself “Cluemaster”, Arthur kidnapped the three people that made his life miserable in an attempt to re-enact an episode of “Think, Thank, Thunk.”


Voiced by Melissa Disney (BB)
Curaré was a member of the Society of Assassins, and its deadliest and most infallible killer.


Dr. Able Cuvier
Voiced by Ian Buchanan (BB)
Able Cuvier was a genetics expert specialized in splicing.


Roland Daggett
Voiced by Ed Asner (BTAS)
Roland Daggett was a business entrepreneur. His company competed with Wayne Enterprises, which left Daggett resorting to dubious schemes to gain the competitive edge.


Voiced by Jeff Bennett (TB)
Taking the profiles of Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, Joker and himself, Dr. Hugo Strange created "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind", a Digitally Advanced Villain Emulator or "D.A.V.E." Allowing this frankenstein to unleash itself upon Gotham by programming it to "escape" from Arkham, Strange allowed it to lure and study The Batman. Though he had set the ultimate trap for Batman in the batcave, Dave hadn't planned on Batman using reverse logic on Dave. Although Dave knew of the origins of others, he didn't know the origin of himself--or even that he wasn't even human. After Batman told him this, it bought him enough time to crush Dave under the giant penny.


Dr. Emile Dorian
Voiced by Jospeh Maher (BTAS)
Emile Dorian was a rogue geneticist specialized in splicing.

The Batman vs. Dracula

Count Dracula
Voiced by Peter Stormare (The Batman vs. Dracula)
Dracula was awoken and revived accidentaly by Penguin. Once awakened, Dracula started a vampire army with sights on taking over Gotham and plans to revive his dead bride.

The Mystery of the Batwoman

Carlton Duquesne
Voiced by Kevin Michael Ricardson (The Mystery of the Batwoman)
Carlton Duquesne was a gangster in Gotham City.


Tony Maychek
Voiced by Stephen Collins (BB)
Tony Maycheck was a close friend and employee of Bill Wallace, until the tragic accident that turned him into Earthmover.


Everywhere Man
John Marloew
Voiced by Brandon Routhe (TB)
Everywhere Man was a villian that could replicate himself and other objects through a device known as the Quantex. In actuality, Everywhere Man was the first copy produced by designer John Marloew. Copy One went rogue and locked the original Marlowe away so he could persue a life of crime with the other Everywhere Men he would create and then recall. With the help of the original Marlowe, the Batman and Robin were able to eliminate all of the Everywhere Men. 


Voiced by Townsend Coleman (BB)
Falseface was an agent for hire able of changing identity by manually molding his face.


Garfield Lynns
Voiced by Mark Rolston (TNBA), Jason Marsden (TB), Robin Atkin Downes (TBATB)
Garfield Lynns was a pyrotechnic and special effects genius who worked for his former girlfriend, pop singer Cassidy. After being fired, he swore revenge on the pop singer and became the fire obsessed villain Firefly.
The Batman Bio
Firefly was a mercenary gun for hire who specalized in heat weapons. After exposure to an isotope explosion, Lynn absorbed massive amounts of radiation and became known as Phosphorus, able to generate extreme heat and melt anything and everything.

BTAS, TNBA, BB, TB, TB ("Artifacts")

Mr. Freeze
Victor Fries
Voiced by Michael Ansara (BTAS, TNBA, BB), Clancy Brown (TB)
Dr. Victor Fries was one of Gothcorp's most brilliant scientists and cryogenic researchers, however he was unable to cure his wife Nora of a deadly disease. His research in cryogenics was eventually cut off by the bureaucrats at Gothcorp. His experiment to create a cryogenic freezing chamber to house his wife until a cure could be found was interrupted by Ferris Boyle, C.E.O. of Gothcorp, and his security guards. A fight ensued and Dr. Fries was smashed into his cryogenic freezing tanks. The accident soaked Dr. Fries's entire body with the freezing solution and rendered him unable to survive outside of a sub-zero environment. He vowed revenge on those who had wronged him. He was forced to create a vacuum tight suit which maintained his body temperature at 50 degrees below zero. The suit's cybernetic processor also tripled his strength. After building a laser-powered cold gun, Mr. Freeze was born.
The Batman Bio
A villain who uses his ice technology as a means of stealing the objects of his passion: the rarest and most valuable diamonds, "ice," as it were. Formerly Victor Fries, a ruthless criminal Batman thought had met his demise in a cryogenic accident which reduced his body temperature so that Fries is neither living nor dead, but a walking cryogenic monstrosity! Ice, in all forms, has become his obsession, along with making Gotham his very own Kingdom of Ice!


Voiced by Will Friedle (TB)
Gearhead is able to convert any kind of vehicle into a high-speed machine for his personal use. His gear is made up of nanotechnology which allows him to convert and move the matter around him, forming the shape and style of vehicle he wants.


Gentleman Ghost
James Craddock
Voiced by Greg Ellis (TBATB)
James Craddock struck a deal with the demon Astaroth: 10 souls for immortality. Astaroth granted Craddock immortality, but Batman and Edtigan stopped the devil from getting his 10 souls and captured Craddock. The London jury had no mercy on the villain and sentenced him to die. Now the immortal Craddock haunts London as Gentleman Ghost, awaiting the day he can enact his revenge on Batman.


Francis Grey
Voiced by Dave Foley (TB)
In the 70s, Francis Grey was a clock repairman, a father and a loving husband. When the bills started piling up, he took a drastic step and stole a valuable watch from the shop he worked at. This theft created a string of events that unfolded before his eyes, leading to a four car pile up and a gas tanker explosion. Grey was sentenced to nearly two decades in prison for the theft and the resulting accidents.

After getting out on parole, Grey began to take his revenge against the city for imprisoning him and subsequently losing his wife and kid. While in jail, he learned that he had the ability to control time, to an extent. He could rewind any moment he was experiencing back by twenty seconds, allowing him to fix whatever goof ups he made during his heists. Grey's ultimate plan was to gas Gotham on New Years eve.
While Grey watched all those around him die from the toxin he unleashed on the city, Grey cried over his sons body. Suddenly, Grey was able to reverse time all the way back to the point when he had stolen the watch.

Taking the lessons he learned to heart, Grey never stole the watch and instead prospered on and started a clock repair business with his son.


Ra's al Guhl
Voiced by David Warner (BTAS, TNBA, BB), Peter Woodward (TBATB)
Ra's (RAYSH) al Ghul (Arabic for "The Demon's Head") was an eco-terrorist who has lived for over 600 years through the use of Lazarus Pits. Over his long lifetime, Ra's has become a master planner, an expert fighter, and independently wealthy, making him one of Batman's most dangerous foes.


Talia al Guhl
Voiced by Helen Slater (BTAS), Olivia Hussey (BB), Andrew Bowen (TBATB)
Talia was the daughter of Ra's al Ghul and Batman's lover. 


Voiced by Jeff Bennett (BTAS)
H.A.R.D.A.C. was a supercomputer gone rogue.


Simon Harper
Voiced by Tristan Rogers (BB)
Simon Harper was the producer of Sentries of the Last Cosmos, an epic science fiction VR game very popular amongst teenagers.


Ms. Clay
Voiced by Shannon Kenny (BB)
Inque was a shapeshifting mercenary, and one of Terry McGinnis' first foes.


Jimmy Peake
Voiced by Brian George (BTAS)
Jazzman was a gangster in Gotham City.

BTAS, TNBA, Return of the Joker, TB

The Joker
Jack Napier
Voiced by Mark Hamill (BTAS, TNBA, Return of the Joker), Kevin Michael Richardson (TB), Jeff Bennett (TBATB)
The Joker was a supervillain who considered himself the comic counterpart to Batman. He was described as a homicidal maniac by both Batman and Batgirl, and was admitted into Arkham Asylum many times. He was Batman's deadliest enemy.


The Batman Bio


The arch nemesis of The Batman, Joker is a maniacal harlequin whose bizarre appearance and unerring instinct for the absurd have earned him a reputation as "the most dangerous criminal in the annals of crime." For Joker, each transgression he commits is an elaborate joke in which he tries to leave his victims dying with laughter - literally. More than any other enemy, Joker becomes inextricably linked to The Batman, as the crazed clown's plots begin to take increasingly more personal tolls on our crime fighter.


The Jokerz
Though the Joker himself no longer threatens Gotham, his image lives on in the form of a motercycle gang known as the Jokerz. The gang dresses in clown themed outfits and makeup, terrorizing the citizens of Gotham City with their twisted brand of humor.


Montague Kane
Voiced by Michael York (BTAS)
Montague Kane was a con man who attempted to frame Zatanna.


Kyodai Ken
Voiced by Robert Ito (BTAS)
Kyodai Ken was a skilled ninja and Bruce Wayne's former rival.


Killer Croc
Waylon Jones
Voiced by Aron Kincaid (BTAS), Brooks Gardner (TNBA), Ron Perlman (TB)

Born in the slums within the everglades of Florida, Waylon Jones had a rare condition that gave him reptilian-like skin and crocodile attributes. Viewed as an outcast, he became a thief.


Full Bio



The Batman Bio


Killer Croc was a criminal who had the physical traits of a crocodile.


Killer Moth
Voiced by Jeff Bennett (TB), Corey Burton (TBATB)
A wanna be criminal that had no real powers or ablilties, Killer Moth was transformed into an extremely powerful creature via a stolen, hazardous chemical that Team Penguin stole. After transforming, Killer Moth became a giant and ferocious moth, dripping and spitting biohazardous material from his mouth; with these abilities and flight added to his arsenal, Killer Moth was more formidable than before...but that's really not saying much.


Voiced by Stephen Wolfe Smith (TNBA) 
A very mysterious and evil young man. Klarion The Witch Boy crosses paths with Bruce Wayne when Bruce outbid Klarion at an auction for an ancient branding iron which was supposed to have magical powers. As it turns out, Klarion is a long time adversary of Batman's ally, Etrigan the Demon, AKA Jason Blood. Jason Blood tells Bruce how the little Witch Boy is a very dangerous foe, not to be underestimated. So twisted is Klarion, that he even turned his own parents into mice, presumably for food for his cat, Teekl. Klarion will stop at nothing to acquire what ever black magic is necessary to control Etrigan The Demon.


Cosmo Krank
Voiced by Patton Oswalt (TB)
Once the owner of the successful Krank Co., Cosmo Krank was riding high on a wave of successful, but dangerous, toys. Not comfortable with standing by, Bruce Wayne and his board at Wayne Company decided to do something about it and had Krank Co. shut down. Angry, Krank sent his violent toys after Wayne and attempted to kill him, obviously not knowing that he was The Batman.


Lyle Bolton
Voiced by Bruce Weitz (BTAS)
Lyle Bolton was Arkham Asylum's former head of security who pushed the boundaries of the law and used unnecessary means to keep his prisoners in line. After being fired, he turned into the villain Lock-Up.


Ma Mayhem
Voiced by Kathleen Freeman (BB)
Ma Mayhem was an old-fashioned criminal in the futuristic Gotham City. With her two sons in tow, Ma Mayhem committed several robberies targeting a set rubies that she and her husband had once stolen together.


The Mad Bomber
Ted Dymer
Voiced by Bruce Timm (BTAS)
Ted Dymer was a toy-shop clerk who emulated the bombing spree of a television villain, the Mad Bomber.


The Mad Hatter
Jervis Tetch
Voiced by Roddy McDowall (BTAS, TNBA)

Jervis Tetch was a technical and electronic genius who used mind controlling microchips stored within hats to stimulate brain waves. A love for the Mad Hatter character in Alice in Wonderland mixed with an infatuation for his secretary Alice caused Jervis to become an odd and bitter man, eventually turning him into the Mad Hatter.


Full Bio


Mad Stan
Stanley Labowski
Voiced by Henry Rollins (BB)
Stanley "Mad Stan" Labowski was a nonconformist radical that went up against the "system" by blowing things up. 


The Man-Bat
Dr. Kirk Langstrom
Voiced by Marc Singer (BTAS), Peter MacNicol (TB)
The Man-Bat was a creature resulting from crossing of human and bat DNA.
The Batman Bio

Dr. Kirk Langstrom's obsession with The Batman leads him to try an experimental serum he's been devising that transforms him into the hideous Man-Bat, a half man, half bat creature.


Voiced by Treat Williams (BTAS)
Milo was a scientist specializing in DNA splicing.


Carl Fowler
Voiced by Michael Des Barres (BTAS)
Nostromos was a professional actor and con man.


Voiced by Taran Noah Smith (BB)
Patrick was a runaway teen who lived in the sewers because of his grotesque looks.


Kenny Stanton
Voiced by Bill Fagerbake (Payback) & Adam Wyile (Kenny) (BB)
Payback was a brutal vigilante set out to avenge neglected children. He wielded a laser whip to punish his targets. Payback was in fact a neglected child himself, Kenny Stanton.


Ian Peek
Voiced by Michael McKean (BB)
Ian Peek was the host of the infamous tabloid newscast "The Inside Peek". He used a special device that turned him intangible, allowing him to walk through walls and get dirt on Gotham City's celebrities.


The Penguin
Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
Voiced by Paul Williams (BTAS, TNBA), Tom Kenny (TB), Stephen Root (TBATB)

Born with a short, wobbly body and a bird like nose, Oswald Cobblepot's appearance made him an outcast in his rich, debutante family. Their rejection drove him to become violent criminal. In keeping with his family's tradition of wealth, the Penguin lives a life of crime and evil, yet executes it with his own self proclaimed high society class and style. He commits crimes with the theme of the various birds he loves. Unlike most of the "Rogues Gallery," The Penguin is in control of his own actions and perfectly sane, creating a unique relationship with his arch enemy Batman. The Penguin's trademarks are the various deadly umbrellas he uses to execute his evil plans. 


Full Bio



The Batman Bio


Oswald Cobblepot, like Bruce, is an ostensible billionaire in his 20's, but the similarities stop there. Unlike Bruce, "Ozzy" is rude, selfish, arrogant and homely and a grotesque penguin-bodied character, essentially, the "anti-Bruce". While Gotham's other villains may have it out for The Batman, Cobblepot is unique in that his scorn is often directed at Bruce Wayne, who serves as a constant reminder of everything Cobblepot is not. Employing the use of highly trained birds and an arsenal of deadly umbrellas, Penguin, as he calls himself, is determined to rebuild the Cobblepot fortune by criminal means.

Mask of the Phantasm

The Phantasm
Andrea Beaumont
Voiced by Dana Delany (Andrea) & Stacy Keach Jr. (Phantasm)
The Phantasam was a vigilante who came to Gotham City to kill gangsters.


Poison Ivy
Pamela Isley
Voiced by Diane Pershing (BTAS, TNBA), Piera Coppola (TB), Jennifer Hale & Vanessa Marshall (TBATB)
Dr. Pamela Isley was a botanist who led a secret life as the eco-terrorist Poison Ivy. Ivy had little interest in money or power, but instead was obsessed with preserving plant life and taking revenge against those who she believed had harmed it.
The Batman Bio
Pam Isley was a teenage radical who employed methods of corporate sabatoge aganist companies that harmed the environment. After accidentaly being exposed to a chemical compound in a sabatoge gone bad, she gained control over plants and became Poison Ivy.


Paxton Powers
Voiced by Cary Elwes & Parker Stevenson (BB)
Showing that corruption does run in the family, Paxton is every bit the corporate slime that his father is. Taking advantage of Derek Powers' mutated condition, he forces the events that lead to the revelation of Blight's identity as Powers and placement of himself as new CEO of Wayne-Powers Industries. Like father, like son.


Harley Quinn
Harleen Quinzel
Voiced by Arleen Sorkin (BTAS, TNBA), Hynden Walch (TB), Meghan Strange (TBATB)

Harlene Quinzel was once a brilliant young psychoanalyst until she was seduced by the Joker while interning at Arkham Asylum. Renaming herself Harley Quinn, she helped the Joker escape and joined his gang as The Joker's criminal accomplice and lover.


Full Bio



The Batman Bio


Herley Quinn was a late night TV psychologist who got her degree through an online course. When her show was canceled, Joker paid her a visit and after a night of chayos in Gotham, Harley fell for Joker.


Red Claw
Voiced by Kate Mulgrew (BTAS)
Red Claw was an international terrorist.


Voiced by Jeff Bennett (TB)
Ragdoll was a master thief and triple-jointed contortionist, capable of bending his body in all sorts of impossible ways.


The Repeller
Dr. Suzuki
Voiced by Gedde Watanabe (BB)

The Repeller was a mercenary who wore a suit that repelled all matter. In reality, he was Dr. Suzuki, a scientist working at Wayne-Powers Medical Research.


The Riddler
Edward Nygma
Voiced by John Glover (BTAS, TNBA), Robert Englund (TB), John Michael Higgins (TBATB)

Edward Nygma was a former computer software designer. After losing his job, he became the supervillain known as The Riddler. Cold, aloof, and possessed of a steely wit, the Riddler challenges Batman to a duel of wits by leaving a trail of riddles, puzzles and cryptograms. In fact, he is psychologically incapable of committing any crime without offering a clue as to how he can be caught. When his plans are ultimately foiled by Batman, the Riddler's hatred turns to an obsession to outwit and ultimately destroy Batman. His hatred is fueled by the surprising intellect Batman posses, which leads to his solving of Edward's riddles. His twisted mind is only concerned with creating the ultimate riddle related crime, which Batman can never solve.


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The Batman Bio


Edward Nygma was once a brilliant inventor, but when his greatest invention was victim to sabatoge, he dedicated himself to getting even. As the Riddler, Nygma commits crimes that show off his brilliance in mind games and puzzles.


The Royal Flush Gang
The Walker Family
Voiced By George Lazenby (King), Amanda Donohoe & Sarah Douglass (Queen), Scott Cleverdon, Greg Eagles & Nicholas Guest (Jack), Olivia d'Abo (Ten)
The Royal Flush Gang is a sophiscated and ruthless gang whose crimes all center around playing cards. The members are King, Queen, Jack, Ten, and Ace. They are quite aristocratic out of costume. An older version of the gang faced Bruce Wayne as Batman many years ago and have returned to Gotham because the King wishes to face the new Batman.
Matters are complicated when Ten meets Terry and the two fall in love. Both struggle with the pains of their alter egos, and in the end it is Batman and Ten who face off, not Terry and Melenie.


Roxy Rocket
Roxanne Sutton
Voiced by Charity James (TNBA)
Roxanne Sutton, aka Roxy Rocket, started her career as a stunt woman, as she was always seeking "the ultimate thrill." When the risks of her occupation were no longer daring enough for her, she turned to a life of crime. She embarks to test the dangerous waters of the criminal underworld of Gotham City. To make it all the more fun, she seeks to test Batman, seeking a game of cat and mouse with the legendary Dark Knight to satisfy her craving for danger.


Voiced by Ron Perlman (BB)
The bodyguard of inventor and businessman Paul Karon, Mario had failed his job when a demonstration of Karon's newest invention was interrupted by The Joker. While The Batman tried to take Joker down, Karon was caught in a rogue blast that caused the stage to fall down and cripple him.

Mario felt this was his fault, took some of Karon's technology, and began taking down Gotham's criminals one-by-one. Mario kept them contained in highly durable enclosures with electric fields around them and planned to off all of the villains one fell swoop. Mario was stopped by Batman and Robin and was taken off to jail.

BTAS (first version), BTAS (second version), TNBA

The Scarecrow
Jonathan Crane
Voiced by Henry Polic II (BTAS), Jeffery Combs (TNBA), Dee Bradley Baker (TBATB)

Crane was a Professor of Psychology at Gotham State University until his experiments in fear became too dangerous. He lost his job due to his obsession with inspiring terror in his patients and students. Crane turned to a life of evil and used various drugs, chemicals, devices, and his expertise in psychology to terrify whomever crossed his path. He took the name "Scarecrow" which the bullies gave him as a boy due to his scrawny appearance, and would use it to become one of the most feared criminals in Gotham. He has the power to not only induce fear, but also to take it away.


Full Bio


Walter Shreeve
Voiced by Chris Mulkey (BB)
Walter Shreeve was a brilliant sound engineer who created a suit that could generate and control sound. With the suit Shreeve became Shriek.


The Sewer King
Voiced by Michael Pataki (BTAS)
The Sewer King ran a child-slavery racket in the sewers of Gotham City.


Ira Billings
Voiced by Jon Cypher (BB), Michael Massee (TB)
Spellbinder was a disgruntled Hamilton High School psychologist turned mind-controlling criminal.
The Batman Bio
Spellbinder was a monk who achieved a higher state of mind, which allowed him to use the mind controlling power of the third eye.


Voiced by Carl Lumbly (BB)
Stalker was a dexterous hunter with keen senses and reflexes who saw hunting Batman as the ultimate challenge that would restore meaning to his life.


Starro was a century-old starfish-like alien, native from a world of water.


Dr. Hugo Strange
Voiced by Ray Buktenica (BTAS), Frank Gorshin & Richard Green (TB)
Hugo Strange was a corrupt scientist who discovered Batman's secret identity.
The Batman Bio
Dr. Strange was the chief psychologist at Arkham Asylum. Batman did not approve of his methods and vowed to keep an eye on him. Eventually Strange's curiosities got to be too strong and he began waging psychological warefare on the Batman and Gotham.


The Teriffic Trio: 2-D Man, Magma, Freon
Stewart Lowe, Dr. Mike Morgan, Mary Michaels
Voiced by Jeff Bennett (2-D Man), Robert Davi (Magma), Laura San Giacomo (Freon)
The Terrific Trio were formerly scientists, whose forms were altered when they were bathed in extreme radiation. Now Magma, Freon, and 2-D Man are reluctant superheros who seek to find a cure for thier state. But when they find out that thier condition is irreversable, and they are betrayed by both the government and thier best friend, their plan for revenge endangers all of Gotham, and brings them into conflict with the Batman.


The Terrible Trio: The Vulture, The Fox, The Shark
Armand Lydecker, Warren Lawford, Gunther Hardwicke
Voiced by David Jolliffe (The Vulture), Bill Mumy (The Fox), Peter Scolari (The Shark)
The Trio were originally three rich, powerful and spoiled youths in Gotham City, who first became friends in a fraternity catering almost exclusively to the rich. They turned to crime out of boredom and adopted aliases that mirrored their families' businesses.
The Batman Bio
Amber, David, Justin
Voiced by Grey Delisle (Vulture), David Faustino (Fox), Goggy Gress (Shark)
The terrible trio were misfits at Gotham University that used mutagens stolen from Dr. Kirk Langstrom to turn into animals and enact revenge on those who spurned them.
Batman the Brave and the Bold Bio
Voiced by Edorado Ballerini (Vulture), Phil Morris (Fox)
Vulture, Fox, and Shark were three students of martial artist master Wong Fei. After leaving the temple, they joined with a powerful group of shadow ninjas and tried to steal a powerful totem from the temple. While attempting to achieve their goal, they killed their old master with a poison dart.


Rupert Thorne
Voiced by John Vernon (BTAS, Mystery of the Batwoman), Victor Brandt (TB)
Rupert Thorne was a criminal overlord residing in Gotham City.
The Batman Bio
Rupert Thorne was a crim boss in Gotham City.


Harvey Dent
Voiced by Richard Moll (BTAS, TNBA, TBATB), James Remar (TBATB)

Harvey Dent was Gotham's star district attorney until an accident brought out his dark side and turned him into the criminal Two-Face.

His world revolves around chance, more importantly the flip of his coin. There always seems to be a piece of Harvey which is strong enough to linger within the mind of Two Face when he is committing his ungodly acts. However, Two Face is the dominant personality.


Full Bio


James Van Dyle
Voiced by Reiner Schoene (BB)
James Van Dyle was a vile poacher who posed as an animal conservationist to the public eye.


Robert Vance
Voiced by Stacy Keach (BB)
Robert Vance was a pioneer in digital technology and founder of a renowned software company, Vance.


The Ventriloquist/Scarface
Arnold Wesker
Voiced by George Dzundza (BTAS, TNBA), Dan Castellaneta (TB)

Arnold Wesker looks like a quiet, peaceful, mild mannered older man, but in the company of his other personality, Scarface, he is a vicious ruthless criminal. As a schizophrenic, Scarface is a dummy who is made to look like a mafia type boss with a scar on his right cheek. ScarFace is the dominant personality, with the Ventriloquist only able to emerge briefly, until Scarface demeans his alter ego. Scarface is often accompanied by his two main "hired hands", Mugsy and Rhino. Scarface has nothing but contempt for the Ventriloquist, always referring to him as "Dummy."


Full Bio



The Batman Bio


Arnold Wesker was a former child entertainer on a popular kids show, "Cockamamie Junction", until it was cancelled. He attempted to continue performing with his puppets, but ultimately failed. He developed a split personality and turned to a life of crime.


Lloyd Ventrix
Voiced by Michael Gross (BTAS)
Lloyd Ventrix, also known as Mojo, was an ex-con who acquired a suit that allowed him to turn invisible.


Voiced by Michael York (BTAS), Greg Ellis (TB)
Vertigo is a rogue who tangled with Batman and Talia in an attempt to steal a sonic drill.
The Batman Bio
Count Vertigo was a scientist who was once employed by Olliver Queen. When Vertigo was fired for stealing technology, he attacked his former employer, and turned to a life of crime. Vertigo employes a sonic device on this right eye that prevents him from having dizzy spells, but projects dissiness onto others. It is this eye that he uses as his primary weapon.


Willie Watt
Voiced by Scott McAfee (BB)
Willie Watt was a typical high school scrawny misfit, until he interfaced with GOLEM and acquired telekinesis.


Dr. David Wheeler
Voiced by John Ritter (BB)
David Wheeler was an unscrupulous child psychologist who ran a therapy ranch for troubled kids.


Josiah Woormwood
Voiced by Bud Cort (BTAS)
Josiah Wormwood, also known as The Interrogator, was an information extractor who specialized in deathtraps.


Voiced by Alexis Denisof (BB)
Zander was a test tube baby raised and groomed to become the leader of Kobra.


Maxie Zeus
Maximillian Zeus
Voiced by Steve Suskind (BTAS), Phil Lamarr (TB)
Maximillian "Maxie" Zeus was a former shipping CEO turned supervillain after suffering a mental breakdown and fashioning himself as the supreme Greek God Zeus.
The Batman Bio
Maximillian Zeus was a billionaire who ran for mayor of Gotham City. When he lost the election, he took matters into his own hands and tried to take over the city by force.


Tony Zucco
Voiced by Thomas Wilson (BTAS), Mark Hamill (TB)
Tony Zucco started off as a young man eager to make a name for himself in the racketeering business, as well as with the mob. On the side he would strong arm companies to take up "insurance". One business he hit up was Haley's Circus. He sabotaged some equipment which led to the death of Dick Grayson's parents.
The Batman Bio
Tony Zucco was a Gotham mob boss who strong armed traveling business for protection money. When the Grayson family refused to pay, Zucco sabatoged the trapeese as a lesson not to cross him. Young Dick Grayson was orphaned, but was soon taken in by Bruce Wayne and trained to be Robin.

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