Episode Guide (Justice League)
Episode Guide
Episode Guide (JL)

The titles and descriptions of animated Justice League episodes.
* Denotes episodes in which Batman appears.

Justice League


01~03- Secret Origins (November 17, 2001) *
Main Villians: Imperium invaders
As alien invaders accidentally awaken on Mars begin to take over the Earth, Batman and Superman rescue J'onn J'onnz who telepathically recruits Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, the Flash, and Green Lantern to defeat the invasion. The group decides to form a permanent team, the Justice League. 
04~05- In Blackest Night (November 19, 2001; November 26, 2001)
Main Villians: Manhunters
Green Lantern surrenders himself to robotic Manhunters to stand trial for the destruction of a planet. While Flash acts as John's attorney, the rest of the League discovers that Kanjar Ro actually helped the Manhunters frame John.
06~07- The Enemy Below (December 3, 2001; December 10, 2001) *
Main Villian: Lord Orm
A nuclear submarine is attacked in the Atlantic, forcing the League to come face-to-face with Aquaman and his Atlantean army. Aquaman goes to Metropolis to take his problems up with the various governments of the world. When a mercenary Deadshot attacks Aquaman, the League steps in. Aquaman discovers that Lord Orm, his own brother, was behind the attack. Orm takes Aquaman and his infant son and place them on a cliff over a vein of molten lava and leaves them to die. In order to save his son, Aquaman must make a terrible sacrifice.
08~09- Injustice For All (September 6, 2002; September 13, 2002) *
Main Villians: The Injustice League
Exposed as a criminal, sentenced to prison, and terminally ill due to long term kryptonite exposure, Lex Luthor escapes and assembles a supervillain team consisting of The Joker, Cheetah, The Shade, Solomon Grundy, Star Sapphire, Copperhead, and Ultra-Humanite to take on the Justice League. 
10~11- Paradise Lost (January 21, 2002; January 28, 2002) *
Main Vilian: Hades
Sorcerer Felix Faust blackmails Wonder Woman into gathering artifacts for him. He uses the artifacts to release Hades from Tartarus. The League succeeds in banishing Hades and his minions, but the victory is bittersweet as Diana is exiled from Themyscira for allowing the males of the Justice League to help. 
12~13- War World (February 23, 2002; March 3, 2002)
Main Villian: Mongul
Superman and Martian Manhunter are abducted by extraterrestrial slave traders and are sold to a planet of the despotic ruler Mongul where the population spends its time watching aliens kill each other in an enormous coliseum. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl set out to rescue them. 
14~15- The Brave and The Bold (March 10, 2002; March 17, 2002) *
Main Villian: Grodd
Green Lantern and the Flash uncover a plot by Gorilla Grodd to destroy Gorilla City, a hidden city of hyperintelligent talking gorillas in Africa. Grodd has a device that allows him to control the minds of others. Grodd uses it to force the Flash into stealing radioactive isotopes, and prevents him from remembering this once he awakens. The only protection our heroes have against Grodd's mind control is a special headband given to Flash and Green Lantern by Solovar, Gorilla City's chief of security.
16~17- Fury (April 7, 2002; April 14, 2002) *
Main Villian: Aresia
A rogue Amazonian (born in the mortal world, raised in Themyscira) gathers a small group of Luthors former henchmen and sets out to kill the worlds male population, who she holds responsible for the death of her family members in a war. 
18~19- Legends (April 21, 2002; April 28, 2002)
Main Villian: Ray Thompson
The Justice League are accidentally transported to a parallel world and find the Justice Guild of America, comic book characters in the Justice League's world. While battling super villains in this other dimension, they discover that the world is just an elaborate illusion. 
20~21- A Knight of Shadows (September 20, 2002; September 27, 2002) *
Main Villian: Morgaine Le Fay
Jason Blood and his alter-ego Etrigan the Demon, seek the assistance of the Justice League in preventing the Philosopher's stone from falling into the hands of his ancient enemy, the sorceress Morgaine Le Fey. 
22~23- Metamorphosis (October 4, 2002; October 11, 2002) *
Main Villian: Simon Stagg
Green Lantern's old friend Rex Mason, now working for a shady industrialist, suffers an "accident" arranged by his jealous employer and is transformed into the superhero Metamorpho. 
24~26- The Savage Time (November 9, 2002) *
Main Villian: Vandal Savage
The Justice League return from a mission in space to find the world transformed - a result of supervillain Vandal Savage feeding information to his younger self in the 1940s, allowing him to help take over the world during World War II. The Justice League travel back in time themselves to stop him, and fight Nazis along side DC Comics' WWII-era heroes (including Easy Company, the Blackhawks, and Steve Trevor).
--------------------Season 1 DVD
27~28- Twilight (July 5, 2003) *
Main Villian: Darkseid
The League is tricked into defending Apokolips, Darkseid's homeworld, against the threat of Brainiac. The team solicits the aid of the New Gods, including Orion, Lightray, and Highfather.
29~30- Tabula Rasa (October 4, 2003) *
Main Villian: Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor manipulates a powerful android named Amazo with the ability to copy and collect any superpower, posing as a father figure to it. Meanwhile, J'onn questions the nature of humans and struggles with the burden of hearing thousands of their minds in his head at the same time after performing a psychic sweep of the city of Metropolis in a failed attempt to locate Luthor. 
31~32- Only A Dream (October 11, 2003) *
Main Villian: Doctor Destiny
Small time crook John Dee volunteers for an experimental treatment. Overdosing, he becomes the dream-controlling Doctor Destiny. Destiny takes telepathic control of most of the team in their sleep, leaving Batman and J'onn to save the others. As the League members become trapped in their dreams and unable to wake up, J'onn tried to force them awake, while Batman goes to confront Dr. Destiny.
33~34- Maid of Honor (October 18, 2003) *
Main Villian: Vandal Savage
Wonder Woman befriends the princess of Kasnia, a jet-setting party girl who is reluctant to end her wild ways in order to get married. Unfortunately, her fiancÚ is the immortal Vandal Savage, and he already has plans for both the throne and the Justice League. It is up to Wonder Woman and Batman to stop them.
35~36- Hearts and Minds (October 25, 2003)
Main Villian: Despero
Kilowog crashes to Earth, seeking Green Lantern's help to rescue other members of the Green Lantern Corps from the would-be conqueror Despero. He also explains that John's former mentor and lover, Katma Tui, is one of the captives. After facing Despero and losing, John has to retrain himself to use his power ring to help the League end Despero's reign. 
37~38- A Better World (November 1, 2003) *
Main Villian: The Justice Lords
After the death of the Flash, the Justice Lords launch an assault on the White House, where Superman kills President Lex Luthor. Two years later, the Lords now rule over the planet with a firm iron fist. Batman discovers the dimension which the Justice League inhabits. Considering their counterparts naive, but wishing to spread order to the newly discovered world, they cross over, trapping the League in a force field, and then take their places in a quest to make this Earth like theirs.
39~40- The Terror Beyond (November 15, 2003)
Main Villian: Ichthultu
Doctor Fate and Aquaman release Solomon Grundy, intent on using him to help battle an ancient evil.
41~42- Eclipsed (November 8, 2003)
Main Villians: The Ophidians
An ancient lunar crystal called the Black Heart is discovered. Little do the members of the Justice League know, it harbors an evil snake spirit with the ability to possess its bearer. The crystal's power contaminates almost all of the League, except for the Flash, who manages to prove his mettle and save his friends from the solar eclipse which will destroy both the Sun and the Earth. 
43~44- Secret Society (November 22, 2003) *
Main Villians: The Secret Society
While the Justice League are quarreling, Grodd organizes a Secret Society composed of Parasite, Giganta, Sinestro, The Shade, Clayface, and Killer Frost. The Society captures most of the League, but J'onn frees the others and the Society is defeated in front of a crowded stadium. 
45~46- Hereafter (November 29, 2003) *
Main Villians: Toyman
A band of supervillains team up to get revenge on Superman. When they attack Metropolis, Toyman succeeds in hitting Superman with an experimental weapon that seemingly vaporises him by firing at Batman and the injured Wonder Woman, causing Superman to sacrifice himself to save them. The League attempts to cope with Superman's loss by defending Metropolis in his absence. Eventually Lobo arrives at the Watchtower and nominates himself as Superman's replacement but does more harm than good. Superman wakes up 30,000 years in Earth's future, and is powerless because the sun has turned red. He is aided by Vandal Savage who is the only human left alive as the result of an attempt at world domination staged a few months after Superman's disappearance.
47- Comfort and Joy (December 13, 2003)
Main Villian: -
After saving two worlds, the members of the Justice League decide to take a break to celebrate the holidays. Flash spends his Christmas Eve with the children of an orphanage, who ask that he find them a special animated toy duck. The popular toy is broken by the Ultra-Humanite, who eventually comes around and helps Flash. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl show each other how they spend the holidays. Lantern engages in a snowball fight with Hawkgirl. Hawkgirl reciprocates by starting an interplanetary barroom brawl. Batman spent Christmas on Watchtower duty. Meanwhile, Superman invites J'onn over to Smallville for Christmas Eve with his parents. Although J'onn is initially uncomfortable, he eventually learns to enjoy Christmas.
48~49- Wild Cards (December 6, 2003) *
Main Villian: The Joker
Taking over a TV station in Las Vegas, the Joker announces that he has placed a series of bombs that will destroy the Strip in thirty minutes if they are not stopped by the Justice League. With the whole world watching Joker's version of reality television, the League must first get past the Joker's own super-team, the Royal Flush Gang. However, the threat imposed by the Joker is not as simple as it seems, and Batman must track down his location to stop his nemesis.
50~52- Starcrossed (May 29, 2004) *
Main Villians: The Thanagarians
After Earth is attacked by a Gordanian battleship, the League is aided by an army of hawkmen from Hawkgirl's home planet of Thanagar. The Thanagarians offer to help Earth defend against the Gordanians, but Batman discovers that this is just a ruse. Shayera finds herself torn between her allegiance to Thanagar and love for the Thanagarian commander Hro Talak and her love for Earth and for John Stewart.
--------------------Season 2 DVD
STATIC SHOCK EPISODE- A League of Their Own (March 1, 2003; March 8, 2003) *
Main Villian: Brainiac
When the Watchtower has a sudden power drain, the Justice League recruit Static to "jump start" their station before it reenters the atmosphere. Unbeknownst to either Static or Gear, the power drain also releases Brainiac from his confinement.
STATIC SHOCK EPISODE- Fallen Hero (February 7, 2004)
Main Villian: Sinestro
Static faces off against his idol, Green Lantern, (actually Sinestro in disguise) when he causes chaos all over town.

Justice League Unlimited


01- Initiation (July 31, 2004) *
Main Villain: Brimstone
The League expands their operations, enlisting new recruits across the globe. Several members, including Supergirl, Captain Atom, and a reluctant Green Arrow, engage a giant nuclear powered machine/monster in North Korea.
02- For The Man Who Has Everything (August 7, 2004) *
Main Villain: Mongul
Batman and Wonder Woman find Superman held captive by Mongul in the Fortress of Solitude and dreaming of an idyllic life on Krypton, courtesy of a wish-fulfilling parasitic plant known as the Black Mercy.
03- Kids' Stuff (August 14, 2004) *
Main Villain: Mordred le Fey
Morgaine le Fey transforms Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern into 8-year-olds after Mordred uses his magic to remove all adults from Earth. Lots of comic relief in this episode comes from the child-Wonder Woman having a crush on child-Batman, who simply acts like a smaller version of his adult self.
04- Hawk and Dove (August 21, 2004)
Main Villain: Ares
Wonder Woman teams up with two super powered brothers, Hawk and Dove, to stop Ares' plans to escalate a European civil war by losing a war machine called the Annihilator into the fray.
05- This Little Piggy (August 28, 2004) *
Main Villain: Circe
The centuries-old enchantress Circe transforms Wonder Woman into a pig as revenge against Diana's mother. Batman and Zatanna work together to return her to normal.
06- Fearful Symmetry (September 4, 2004)
Main Villain: Galatea
Supergirl, Green Arrow, and The Question investigate Supergirl's disturbing dreams. They discover that Cadmus created a clone of Supergirl named Galatea while she was recovering from her fight against Superman on Earth.
07- The Greatest Story Never Told (September 11, 2004) *
Main Villain: The black hole
The Justice League battle Mordru in the background, while the narrative follows Booster Gold as he attempts to close a walking black hole while he's supposed to be on "crowd control". 
08- The Return (September 18, 2004)
Main Villain: Amazo
The full power of the newly-expanded League is unleashed for the first time while trying to keep an all-powerful Amazo from reaching his goal: vengeance against the recently-reformed Lex Luthor. Luthor and the Atom attempt to create a weapon to neutralize Amazo's nanotechnology, though their victory is largely assisted by Dr. Fate. 
09- Ultimatum (December 4, 2004) *
Main Villain: The Ultimen
The Justice League meets the Ultimen, a popular group of young heroes. The Ultimen discover they are the results of a government experiment in creating super humans and only have a short time to live. In frustration and anger they strike out against the Justice League.
10- Dark Heart (December 11, 2004) *
Main Villain: Alien robots
Most of the League battles with powerful alien nanotechnology, but realize that the waves of self-replicating robots cannot be simply destroyed. The diminutive Atom shrinks himself to stop the robots from the inside.
11- Wake The Dead (December 18, 2004)
Main Villain: Solomon Grundy
A trio of college kids accidentally resurrect Solomon Grundy, reviving him more powerful than ever but with no memories of his past. Dr. Fate, Amazo, Aquaman, and Shayera assist League regulars stopping his rampage.
12- The Once and Future Thing, Part 1: Weird Western Tales (January 22, 2005) *
Main Villains: Chronos, Tobias Manning
Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern chase Chronos to the past, where they team up with some of the greatest DC heroes of the Old West. After defeating stolen future tech in that era, they again follow Chronos to the future.
13- The Once and Future Thing, Part 2: Time, Warped (January 29, 2005) *
Main Villain: Chronos
Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman chase Chronos into the future Gotham City of Batman Beyond, just in time to face a battle with a group of Jokerz beside that era's Justice League. The time travelers are taken to the Justice League Unlimited refuge. An older Bruce Wayne reveals the street gang they fought together was enhanced by Chronos who lead them to kill the rest of the League of that era. The combined heroes defeat the retooled Jokerz, and Batman traps Chronos in a time loop, right before he started his first time travel.
14- The Cat and The Canary (February 5, 2005)
Main Villain: Roulette
Black Canary convinces Green Arrow to help save her mentor, Wildcat, from his involvement in an underground, super-powered fight club known as MetaBrawl.
15- The Ties That Bind (February 12, 2005)
Main Villain: Granny Goodness
Mister Miracle and Big Barda solicit Justice League assistance to free Oberon from Apokolips. J'onn refuses, but Flash decides to help out on his own. 
16- The Doomsday Sanction (February 19, 2005) *
Main Villain: Doomsday
Superman battles Doomsday in the heart of a volcano. Doomsday is revealed to be an imperfect clone of Superman. Batman probes the Cadmus conspiracy to destroy the Justice League. 
17- Task Force X (May 21, 2005)
Main Villain: Task Force X
A team of supervillains dubbed "Task Force X", composed of Deadshot, Plastique, Captain Boomerang, and the Clock King, is recruited by Cadmus. They steal the Annihilator armour from the Watchtower.
18- The Balance (June 4, 2005)
Main Villain: Felix Faust
Felix Faust, imprisoned in a mirror, fools Tala into letting him out, whereupon he possesses the Annihilator and casts Hades out of Tartarus. After her armor and lasso's full powers are activated by Hippolyte, Wonder Woman teams up with Hawkgirl to help Hades reclaim his kingdom at Zeus' command. Meanwhile Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl must deal with their anger towards each other following the events of "Starcrossed.' 
19- Double Date (June 6, 2005)
Main Villain: Steven Mandragora
Huntress is kicked out of the Justice League for attempting to murder mob boss Steven Mandragora, the man responsible for her parents' death. She recruits the Question to assist her in finishing him off while Green Arrow and Black Canary attempt to thwart their efforts.
20- Clash (June 11, 2005) *
Main Villain: Cadmus
Lex Luthor's candidacy for President moves forward as Captain Marvel appears to endorse his candidacy. Luthor expertly manipulates Superman's mistrust, tricking Superman into fighting Marvel. Superman defeats Marvel as he turns to Batson, but loses face when the "bomb" he defused turned out to be a generator. At the end, it is revealed by Batman that Superman had been baited by Luthor and Amanda Waller to discredit the JLA.
21- Hunter's Moon (June 18, 2005) 
Main Villains: Thanagarians
When the Justice League receives a distress call, Hawkgirl, Vigilante and Vixen investigate only to find that it was a trap set out by the remaining Thanagarian warriors who blame Hawkgirl for their loss in the war alluded to in "Starcrossed."
22- Question Authority (June 25, 2005)
Main Villain: Cadmus
After helping Superman defeat Mantis, Captain Atom's Air Force Reserve commission is reactivated. Meanwhile, the Question discovers the records about the Justice Lords, and Luthor's attempts to discredit the Justice League. The Question is captured, and Superman and Huntress attempt to rescue him. Almost successful, they are confronted by Captain Atom, who has orders to stop them.
23- Flashpoint (July 2, 2005)
Main Villain: Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor seizes control of the Watchtower's main gun to fire on Cadmus, causing massive collateral damage on the city and falsely implicating the League as responsible. Convinced it is an act of revenge, Amanda Waller commands Galatea to attack the Watchtower with an army of Ultimen clones. 
24- Panic In The Sky (July 9, 2005) *
Main Villain: Cadmus
The founding members of the Justice League, with the exception of Batman, surrender to the government. In the middle of a huge battle between the "Unlimited" part of the League and the army of Ultimen, Supergirl and Steel battle Galatea to keep her from destroying the Watchtower. 
25- Divided We Fall (July 16, 2005) *
Main Villains: Lex Luthor, Brainiac
With most of the League unavailable, the League's original seven battle against the fused Luthor and Brainiac. It is then up to the Flash to stand up against the Luthor-Brainiac team, prepared to pay the final price. 
26- Epilogue (July 23, 2005) *
Main Villain: -
In the future of Batman Beyond, Amanda Waller reveals to an older Terry McGinnis that through her scientific manipulations, he is actually Bruce Wayne's genetic son.
--------------------Season 1 DVD
27- I Am Legion (September 17, 2005)
Main Villains: The Secret Society
After Lex Luthor escapes from prison, Gorilla Grodd baits him into joining the new Secret Society with a piece of Brainiac technology. Luthor, the Key, and Doctor Polaris steal the Spear of Longinus from Blackhawk Island despite Flash, Fire, Shayera, and the last surviving Blackhawk's attempts to stop them.
28- Shadow of The Hawk (September 17, 2005) *
Main Villain: Shadow-Thief
Shayera agrees to meet with Carter Hall, an archaeologist who has discovered Thanagarian artifacts from ancient Egypt. With a suspicious Batman eavesdropping, Carter reveals himself to be her reincarnated lover from the past and Hawkman to a confused Shayera.
29- Chaos at The Earth's Core (September 24, 2005)
Main Villain: Deimos
Supergirl, Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., and Green Lantern help Warlord liberate Skartaris (a hidden world inside the Earth's core) from Deimos, a brutal dictator while protecting a very large piece of Kryptonite from Metallo and Silver Banshee.
30- To Another Shore (September 24, 2005)
Main Villains: The Secret Society
Wonder Woman protects the body of the Viking Prince from Legion agents who want it for reverse engineering of invulnerability powers. Troubled by the conflict, J'onn leaves the Justice League to better understand humanity.
31- Flash and Substance (February 11, 2006) *
Main Villains: Captain Boomerang, Captain Cool, Mirror Master
Orion attempts to understand Flash's antics as Wally and Batman battle four of Flash's rogues that attack the museum that is opening in his honor.
32- Dead Reckoning (February 18, 2006) *
Main Villains: The Secret Society
Deadman convinces Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to help him retrieve the stolen souls of a mystic order of monks that the Secret Society has stolen. They force the Secret Society to retreat from Gorilla City, ending Grodd's attempt to turn all people on Earth into apes. Back at a general meeting in the Secret Society's HQ, Lex Luthor cites that Grodd's plan failed and his "master plan" (turning everyone on Earth into apes) was silly, and Luther shoots Grodd, taking over leadership of the Secret Society. 
33- Patriot Act (February 25, 2006)
Main Villain: General Wade Eiling
General Wade Eiling from Cadmus steals the "Captain Nazi" super-soldier serum and injects it into himself to "protect" the world from metahumans. With the more powerful League members busy, Green Arrow leads Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., Shining Knight, Crimson Avenger, Vigilante, and Speedy against him. Eiling only stops short of killing Shining Knight when a civilian points out that Eiling's reason for attacking the heroes is non-existent, as his entire reason for the attack was to rid the world of meta-humans and he was the only one there with super powers.
34- The Great Brain Robbery (March 4, 2006)
Main Villain: Lex Luthor
Magic and science collide, placing Lex Luthor and Flash's minds in each other's body. The Justice League must now contain super-speed powered Luthor on the Watchtower while Flash tries to hide the reversal from the Secret Society.
35- Grudge Match (March 11, 2006)
Main Villain: Roulette
Roulette restarts Metabrawl, this time with an all-female fight card ("Glamour Slam") made up of mind-controlled Justice Leaguers.
36- Far From Home (April 15, 2006)
Main Villains: The Fatal Five
On Supergirl's 21st birthday, she, Green Lantern, Green Arrow are kidnapped and taken to the 31st Century by Brainiac 5 and Bouncing Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes, where Supergirl is destined to embark on her very last mission -- a battle against the Fatal Five and the Legion itself.
37- Ancient History (April 29, 2006)
Main Villain: Shadow-Thief
The Hawkman story concludes here when Shadow-Thief captures Green Lantern and beats Shayera and Hawkman, forcing them to watch a vision of their past selves developing an ancient society of Egypt with Thanagarian technology. It turns out Shadow-Thief is a villain from Carter Hall's mind that was released when he touched the Absorbacron in Shadow of the Hawk. Hawkman defeats Shadow-Thief by realizing this is not the way he wants to approach things and leaves. John Stewart, not wanting to have destiny play out his life, does not get back with Shayera, even though the two say they love each other. Green Lantern goes back to Vixen, but not before he tells Shayera about Rex Stewart (Warhawk), their possible future son.
38- Alive! (May 6, 2006)
Main Villains: Lex Luthor
Luthor and the Secret Society refit their headquarters and fly into deep space in a last-ditch attempt to reanimate Brainiac. En route, Tala frees Grodd who leads a mutiny of other disaffected villains against Luthor and his supporters. Luthor uses his intellect and resourcefulness to counter his various adversaries' powers. Luthor uses Tala's magic in an attempt to reconstitute Brainiac, but instead resurrects Darkseid, with Brainiac enhancements, who makes clear his plans to lay waste to Earth before dispatching the Secret Society. Then, he appears in Apokolips just in time to stop a war between the two factions of his Elite fighting for power, and reveals to them his plans of massive invasion. The somehow surviving Secret Society members turn to the Justice League's door for help.
39- Destroyer (May 13, 2006) *
Main Villain: Darkseid
The Justice League reluctantly teams up with the Secret Society in anticipation of an omega-level threat. Darkseid launches a full-scale invasion of Earth and the combined League and Society battle para-demons across the planet. Meanwhile, Superman, Batman, and Lex Luthor take on Darkseid atop the Daily Planet building, until Metron offers Luthor the ultimate deal with the devil. 
--------------------Season 2 DVD

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